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In this age of digitalisation, technology is evolving at a supersonic speed. At Redington, we monitor the developments closely and have taken significant strides in facilitating hybrid cloud, 5G and cyber security, among others. With a focus on high-tech areas like analytics, artificial intelligence, digital platform and payment solutions, we enable the end-to-end digitisation of businesses. By understanding the latest technological advancements and enabling its swift adoption, we foster operational excellence for our partners and their customers.

Case Studies

Redington helps India’s leading online photography company scale up business by providing an all-round ecosystem for Printing

  • Region  India
  • Industry Printing
  • Challenges
    • Delivery of industry standard printouts
    • Retain the originality of images
  • Outcome
    • Rich, Vibrant Prints
    • Timely delivery by clients
    • Empowering photographers with a trustworthy printer 

Redington helps a Large Fintech Customer to secure their Pan India Location

  • Region India
  • IndustrySecurity
  • Challenges
    • Secure PAN India location without investing on physical devices
    • Need of internet connection instead of firewall
  • Outcome
    • Authenticating Cell phones with any SSO
    • Uninterrupted internet connectivity from pan India locations
    • Reporting of user from any part of India

Redington helps combat the fuel challenge with deployment of solar PV panels in India

  • Region India
  • IndustrySolar
  • Challenges
    • Fuel shortage across globe expected to hamper economies
    • Combat depletion of non-renewable resources
    • 950000 kgs of coal saved per day
  • Outcome
    • Clean power for next 25 Years.
    • Reduction in Green House Gases
    • 657000 Litres of Diesel saved per day

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