Hybrid Work is Here to Stay

Automation enabled workplace support services, which were differentiator for service providers a few years ago, have become a fundamental requirement today. As enterprises move towards a user and business-centric view, workplace services also increasingly involve cloud, mobility, and collaboration enablement with a clear view of business impact.

At Redington we are witnessing more demand for end-to-end workplace services rather than piecemeal projects. Our 'User- First' approach provides IT ser vice availability view from end-users' lens, along with enterprise-wide visibility of user experience and productivity.

Our Services & Offerings

Workplace Collaborative

Foster effective collaboration and communication. Advanced tools for * seamless virtual meetings I file sharing Messaging I Project management I Enabling eļ¬ƒcient teamwork from anywhere.

Modern Device
Management Services

Simplify device management for optimal performance. Streamline provisioning, configuration, monitoring, and maintenance of computers, smartphones, and tablets for security, compliance, and productivity.

Desktop Visualization

Access virtual desktops and applications from any device. Centralized environments enhance security, simplify updates, and improve user experience for seamless productivity.

Security Services

Protect critical data and assets. Comprehensive solutions include threat detection, data encryption, access control, identity management, and security awareness training.

24x7 Cloud
Support Services

Smooth operations and minimize downtime with our round the clock IT support

M365 Services

Microsoft 365 provides a suite of productivity apps. Microsoft 365 E5 is an enterprise-level version of this suite. In addition to productivity apps, E5 offers Microsoft security technologies and advanced capabilities for compliance and analytics.


Google Workspace is the ultimate cloud-based platform that boosts productivity, fuels collaboration, and simplifies work processes. With its integrated suite of smart apps, it empowers individuals, teams, and organizations to streamline their workflow, communicate effortlessly, and securely share documents. Whether you're a small business, a large enterprise, or an educational institution, Google Workspace is the all-in-one solution to supercharge your productivity and drive success.

Services Portfolio at-a-Glance


Our journey to Microsoft 365 has helped us to be more efficient and productive. We can have much better security on data and employee devices due to its various MDM services. Collaboration has been much better, and teams can effectively share ideas in a very collective matter.

All in all, a big thumbs up
for Microsoft 365.

Partnership with Redington & Google has been an asset in our growth journey. The continuous and prompt support received from Team Redington has ensured careful and smooth migration of all our tasks and loads on Google Workspace . We applaud our partners at Redington to help us at each step of the way-

Evaluation. Implementation.

I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to the Redington and Lotus Solutions team for their outstanding support during our transition to Microsoft 365. Since implementing the platform, our organization has experienced a significant boost in efficiency and productivity. The expertise and guidance of the Redington and Lotus Solutions team ensured a smooth transition.

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