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Redington’s commitment extends beyond offering mere infrastructure – we specialize in providing an array of managed services that enhance, manage, optimize, and safeguard your Cloud environment.Our ISO 27001 & SOC 2 certified Delivery Centre becomes your partner in excellence.

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Our top-notch services and resources ensure comprehensive management of your cloud and security infrastructure.
We leverage technology's transformative power to fulfill your digital transformation strategy.

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Our Capabilities

Leverage our exclusive resources to evaluate cloud offerings efficiently, ensuring optimal decisions for your customers. Our objective evaluation system streamlines the process, saving you time and instilling confidence. Count on our commitment to guide you through the entire process, from the initial decision-making to seamless implementation. Start optimizing your cloud solutions today.

Cost Of Optimization As-a-Service
Assessment & Migration As-a-Service


Case Studies

Healthcare Sector

      • The customer hosted web Application, DB on windows server (MS SQL std) and Active directory with file server on cloud.
      • The customer had been running Microsoft workloads from a single server. The solution proposed that these be hosted on multiple EC2 instances thus eliminating the persisting performance issues.
      • Three-tier architecture helped with performance and throughput issues.
      • Ease of deployment and integration.

Leading Online Ecommerce firm

    • CHALLENGES Customer faced challenges in terms of rapid market growth and cater to the market demands with a scalable, highly available and secure solution on cloud.
      • AWS cloud gives organizations a transformational opportunity to change the way they do business. Customers find that their scalability opportunities and security posture increase when they move to AWS Cloud which equips them to respond in a more efficient way to the market dynamics.
      • Customer infrastructure was setup to a secure and scalable AWS environment.

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