The AWS Distribution Led Public Sector Program [DPPF] authenticates AWS Partners specializing in cloud-based solutions and having expertise in assisting government, education, and nonprofit entities globally. This initiative is crafted to empower strategic AWS partners, facilitating the rapid expansion of their public sector business by aligning with AWS public sector sales, marketing, funding, capture, and proposal teams.

Charting Success

Navigating the AWS Partner Expedition through Accelerated Partner Development in the Public Sector

Accelerated Partner Development is a timebound framework comprising various development milestones designed to provide AWS Partners with a step-by-step process to assist them in advancing their AWS Partner business in the public sector.

Service Path Partners

Software Path Partners

Terms & Services

DPPF Partner Eligibility Requirements: In order to be eligible to receive DPPF funding, the following conditions must be met with respect to Onboarding and Accelerated Development.

Onboarding: AWS Partner must be Enrolled in the Services or Software Path and designated as a Public Sector-owned account by AWS (Business Unit = PS). For Partners enrolled in the Services Path, they must have a Distribution Seller Agreement (DSA) and be at the Registered Tier.

Requirement Criteria: The Distributor must work with the eligible AWS Partner to complete the appropriate Navigate Track and may have to submit proof of involvement in the AWS Partner’s successful completion of the Navigate Track (e.g., documentation of Distributor instructing AWS Partner to complete curriculum).

Accreditations: The AWS Partner must obtain two Business Professional Accreditations and two Technical Professional Accreditations.

Validation: Within the ACE Pipeline Manager tool, the AWS Partner must have at least one successfully validated Public Sector opportunity that has been shared with the Distributor via ACE Partner Connections.

Concierge Onboarding

  • AWS Partner enrolled in Services or Software Path​
  • Public Sector Owned account (51% or more of PS revenue)​
  • Registered tier with DSA (Services Path)
What is in it for Partner
  • Get Credit for Successful Completion of Public Sector Navigation track in APN​
  • Proactive APN Alignment & ACE Enablement​
  • High Visibility in Public Sector Business with Accelerated Partner Program Benefit​
  • GTM & Co-Sell Benefits
GTM & Co-Sell Benefits​ Nomination Procedure
  • Nominate your Partner’s name ​
  • APN ID with Public Sector Navigation Track ​
  • Upload a Completion screenshot

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