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Over the last decade, Redserv has helped businesses across sectors improve customer experience, enhance productivity, and save costs. Partnering with Redserv means your organization can focus on the essentials ensuring business efficiency and profitability

Services Offered
Services Offered Services Offered

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Data & Analytics

  • Region India
  • OverviewMarketing ROI Analytics
  • Challenges
    • Visibility on the reseller’s sales targets
    • Limited Effectiveness on promotional campaigns
  • Solutions
    • Analytics powered with AI engine to bring more insights about resellers penetration in segment/market.
    • Our offerings include - Drive Marketing campaigns, lead generation, measure campaign effectiveness etc.,

Sales Lead Generation

  • Region India
  • OverviewSmart order Assistant
  • Challenges
    • Big Giant partners loads the orders on their platform, which is not interfaced with order fulfilment distributor.
    • Orders are not honoured on-time and it leads to revenue leakage(lost orders) & unhappy customers
  • Solutions
    • We leveraged RPA/AI for sensing the demand and orchestrate the orders to our workflow platform for effective billing and order fulfilment executions.

Supply chain Management

  • Region India
  • OverviewPlanning Analyzer
  • Challenges
    • Our client is facing huge challenge in stock replenishment , delayed shipments & unplanned demands from resellers.
    • Dissatisfied partners | Business Impact | Cost Impact
  • Solutions
    • As multiple stakeholders involved, and more moving parts changing the dynamics and become more complex. At Redserv we initiated a program to sense the stock-level along with order inflow /in-transit/forecast and create a demand plan to cater the stock deficit challenges. This helped our client to meet the demands!

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