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With over two decades of leadership in the mobility business, Redington has pioneered GTM for the world’s leading brands across smartphones and wearables. The company’s extensive network and robust distribution channels enable it to reach customers in even the most remote areas, making it a vital player in emerging markets. Redington’s after-sales service capabilities are second to none. These capabilities have helped to establish Redington as a trusted partner in the mobility space. Overall, Redington’s strong market position and customer-centric approach make it a leader in the industry.

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    George Thomas

    Managing Director

    Redington has been an invaluable and long-standing partner in the mobility industry, with a successful partnership that has spanned over 25 years. They have consistently exceeded our expectations and have become a role model for us. Their unwavering commitment to excellence and the delivery of cutting-edge technology has been a key factor in our growth and success, benefiting our entire partner ecosystem.

    Chintan Satra


    Redington has been an outstanding partner in the mobility space. Their commitment to excellence and delivering the best of technology has helped us to drive growth and success for our entire partner ecosystem.

    Kapil Mendiratta


    We appreciate the Value add by Redington as a Distributor. The experience with the Digital Portal is amazing and it’s a great benefit to Apple Retail Business. Look forward to work even more closely with Redington to make it a successful relationship,


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