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As technology continues to advance, the need for high-quality displays in various industries becomes more crucial than ever. Redington offers a range of professional displays that cater to different needs, including outdoor signage, interactive displays, video walls, HD, and 4K projectors. Professional displays from top brands ensure that we bring you the best quality displays. These displays are ideal for different sectors, including retail, hospitality, healthcare, education, and corporate industries.

Solution Offerings

Signage Solutions

These solutions involve the use of digital signage to display dynamic and engaging content for advertising, communication, and information purposes. This is done through digital displays such as LCD/LED screens from 13 in till 105 in or interactive displays and kiosks in variety of form factors to display content that can be customized and updated remotely. They empower businesses and organizations looking to create engaging and dynamic displays that effectively communicate with their target audience.

Signage Solutions
LED Signage Solutions

These display solutions are commonly used for advertising, information dissemination, or entertainment purposes, and are widely deployed in a variety of settings including retail, transportation, sports stadiums, and public spaces. They are brighter, more energy-efficient, and can display dynamic content that can be easily updated or changed remotely. One of the most popular applications of LED signage solutions is outdoor advertising to showcase promotions, products, or events. Indoor LED displays are also widely used in corporate board rooms and meeting rooms, Control rooms and Network Operation Centers for mission critical information, retail environments to display promotional content or wayfinding information, and in transportation hubs to display arrival and departure times.

LED Signage Solutions
Hospitality Display Solutions

Our range of Hospitality solutions are specifically designed for the hospitality industry aimed at enhancing the guest experience and improving operational efficiency by delivering engaging and informative content in a variety of formats. These solutions include a range of products such as guest room TVs, IPTV systems, digital menu boards, video walls, interactive kiosks etc. These displays can be customized to showcase a variety of content such as menus, special offers, local information, events, and promotions. Hospitality display solutions also come with a range of management tools and software that enable businesses to easily create, manage, and deploy content to their displays.

Hospitality Display Solutions
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Brands We Work With

  • Epson-Professional Displays
  • Barco-Professional Displays
  • Hikvision-Professional Displays
  • Samsung-Professional Displays

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    Case Studies

    Server deployment at multiple locations

    • Region India
    • ProductsServers 
    • Challenges
      • Implement 42 servers in stipulated time for project go-live
      • Install proprietary software on UNIX-based server
    • Outcome
      • All 42 servers’ deployment done in 4 locations with successfully achieved timelines
      • Application Configuration

    Redington helped Agva to meet demands of ventilators

    • Region India
    • Industry Healthcare
    • Challenges
      • Steep timeline and investment for tool development
    • Outcome
      • Prompt & regular supply of component enabled timely production of ventilators
      • Saved lives during covid lockdown

    Redington offers on-demand production services for start-ups to commercialize its innovations & designs.

    • Region India
    • Industry Prosthetics
    • Challenges
      • Huge investments required in conventional manufacturing process
      • Conventional 3D printers unable to fulfil the quality and certification requirements
    • Outcome
      • On-demand digital manufacturing services helped to personalise products as per their client’s requirement
      • Offered products at a reduced price


    Yogesh Godbole

    We’ve been associated with Redington for over 25 years. Their recent digitization has helped remove repetitive steps and better our processes and use our productivity to grow more. We feel like we are in safe hands with Redington and are very happy with the services.

    Suresh Reddy


    Redington is one of our most important strategic partners for business operations and success. I thank the entire Redington team for their invaluable commitment, support, and guidance, enabling us to provide great customer experiences.

    Darshan S Yammi


    Redington service was too good with us and we achieved good because of their Co operations and online billing also help us a lot to take stocks immediately, so please continue your service with us thank you.


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