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Redington offers cutting-edge technology in the field of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). The products we offer are designed to provide immersive experiences that captivate the audience and transport them to another world. Our AR products offer an interactive experience that engages the users, while our VR products allow them to explore and interact with a virtual environment. These enable brands to create unforgettable experiences that leave a lasting impression on their users.

Custom Metaverse Experience

Redington provides the means to create an Augmented & Virtual Reality experience to its clients. For example:

· Create virtual meeting while sitting at home.

· Visit houses or apartment virtually.

· Looking at a car virtually without the need to visit the showroom.

· Consuming education content in VR, which is way more immersive than traditional learning methods.

Custom Metaverse Experience
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Brands We Work With

  • HTC Vive-AR & VR

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    Case Studies

    Server deployment at multiple locations

    • Region India
    • ProductsServers 
    • Challenges
      • Implement 42 servers in stipulated time for project go-live
      • Install proprietary software on UNIX-based server
    • Outcome
      • All 42 servers’ deployment done in 4 locations with successfully achieved timelines
      • Application Configuration

    Redington helped Agva to meet demands of ventilators

    • Region India
    • Industry Healthcare
    • Challenges
      • Steep timeline and investment for tool development
    • Outcome
      • Prompt & regular supply of component enabled timely production of ventilators
      • Saved lives during covid lockdown

    Redington offers on-demand production services for start-ups to commercialize its innovations & designs.

    • Region India
    • Industry Prosthetics
    • Challenges
      • Huge investments required in conventional manufacturing process
      • Conventional 3D printers unable to fulfil the quality and certification requirements
    • Outcome
      • On-demand digital manufacturing services helped to personalise products as per their client’s requirement
      • Offered products at a reduced price


    Suresh Reddy


    Redington is one of our most important strategic partners for business operations and success. I thank the entire Redington team for their invaluable commitment, support, and guidance, enabling us to provide great customer experiences.

    Sriram T G


    Giniminds has partnered with Redington for more than 3+ years. The professionalism and the trust extended by Redington is the key differentiator for us to expand our relationship. This is made possible by the people with whom we interact and transact on daily basis.

    Ravi Vardhan


    I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the seamless supplies and support that we have been receiving from your team. Your commitment to excellence and attention to detail have helped us to provide the same level of service to our retailers.


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