Digi Glass

As digital environments become more complex, they also become increasingly difficult to secure as transformation expands the attack surface and the multiple security threats. Cybersecurity services from Redington Value simplify these challenges enabling organisations of all sizes to achieve their Cybersecurity goals and their digital transformation objectives. Delivering a wide array of cybersecurity services on a consulting basis as well as a wealth of managed security services (MSS) and cybersecurity defend options.

Services Offered

Define and Design

We help develop and design the rights programme based on validated insight and analysis to help business leaders ensure they are making the right cybersecurity investments.

• Strategy consulting
• Governance & risk

Define and Design
Cyber Resilience

We aid in the preparation and response processes for cyber incidents. DigiGlass complements and extends an organisation’s ability to recover and return to normal operations after a cyber-attack.

• Forensics
• Threat hunting

Cyber Resilience
Deploy and Protect

The deployment offerings transform the plans and roadmaps generated during the strategy phase and the insights gleaned from the assessment stage into fully functional cybersecurity capabilities.

• Firewalls & infrastructure security
• Email and web security
• Web application and data security
• Data leak protection
• Network TAPS and packet brokers
• Identity and access management
• SIEM & SOAR deployment
• ICS/IOT – Network and application
• Cloud and container security
• Privileged identity management

Deploy and Protect
Assess & Assure

Our assessment services help measure your cybersecurity capabilities skill sets and your readiness to implement stronger defences and more efficient solutions.

• Industry and best practices
• GDPR assessment
• Penetration testing
• ICS/IOT Security Assessment
• Cloud security assessment – AWS and Azure
• Vulnerability assessment
• Data classification
• Compliance audit and risk management

Assess & Assure

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