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In an age where data functions as a form of currency, knowing the market means being able to decipher data across technologies. Artificial Intelligence automates the process of gathering, analysing and comprehending unrefined data, translating it into insights and actions

The evolution of AI and automation is transforming the way businesses communicate with their consumers and execute their internal operations, reinventing themselves at every step of the way. Redington is helping innovators, business leaders and professionals map these technological shifts and steer ahead.

Solution Offerings

Data & Analytics

We help businesses harness the power of AI to collate data, analyse it and transform it into actionable insights.

Data and analytics refers to the ways data is managed to support all uses of data, and the analysis of data to drive improved decisions, business processes and outcomes, such as discovering new business risks, challenges, and opportunities. Increasingly, organizations now use advanced analytics to tackle business problems, but the nature and complexity of the problem determines the choice of whether and how to use prediction, forecasting or simulation for the predictive analysis component.

Data & Analytics

We keep the digital landscape safe by leveraging AI that continuously analyses data to map patterns that can help identify malware and unravel threats in encryptions.

Protect your organization with security solutions. Security works with you to help protect your business with an advanced and integrated portfolio of enterprise security products and services, infused with AI and a modern approach to your security strategy using zero trust principles—helping you thrive in the face of uncertainty.


Our software and applications integrate AI automation as part of the digital transformation process.

There are already millions of apps available that solve many problems. However, the idea that the app market is saturated is false. There are two ways of publishing your idea through an application. You can either provide an already existing app with a unique feature or you invent a completely new application. Most apps are tailored towards customers. However, companies are also looking for apps that can benefit them. For this reason, in a lot of cases companies prefer to develop their own tailored app.

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Brands We Work With

  • IBM Colored – Ai & Automation
  • Splunk
  • Red Hat – AI & Automation

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    Case Studies

    DC Migration Journey- Largest Telecom Co

    • Region India
    • Industry Telecom
    • Challenges
      • Migrate all physical hardware sources from existing DC onto the AWS platform with minimal downtime
    • Outcome
      • Identified all the details of the CIMDB Infrastructure, the applications, and their integration dependencies (using enterprise tools) through Redington CAF (Cloud adoption framework) strategy
      • Employed AWS SMS, Cloud Endure, and VM Import/Export to migrate the entire setup following the AWS Well architected framework guideline

    Hybrid Cloud DR Set Up- Microfinance Co

    • Region India
    • Industry Microfinance
    • Challenges
      • Require disaster recovery solution for the AWS deployment
      • Host application in India to meet regulatory requirements
    • Outcome
      • A hybrid cloud deployment with both AWS and Azure as a primary and DR setup with automatic failover and fallback created to ensure HA
      • Business continuity for their critical application
      • Overall cost reduction of almost 30%.


    Suresh Reddy


    Redington is one of our most important strategic partners for business operations and success. I thank the entire Redington team for their invaluable commitment, support, and guidance, enabling us to provide great customer experiences.

    Kishan Tummala

    K Computers

    It was amazing to work with Redington and we appreciate the Great support provided by them. RL team timely response and proactiveness played an important role in my growth Journey.

    Sriram T G


    Giniminds has partnered with Redington for more than 3+ years. The professionalism and the trust extended by Redington is the key differentiator for us to expand our relationship. This is made possible by the people with whom we interact and transact on daily basis.


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