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We choose the best, so you don’t have to. Redington Solar picks up brands that are technology leaders with heavy investment in research. Most of these brands have operations in multiple countries, with cumulative shipping reaching over 100GW. Rest assured you will be happy to own these products

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Home Solutions

Our all-inclusive kits with great after sales service helps homeowners transition easily to solar

Home Solutions
Commercial Solutions

Our high-end modules and inverters help corporate get the best out from the sunshine freely falling on the rooftop

Commercial Solutions
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Brands We Work With

  • Hitachienergy
  • Geesysindia
  • Ginverter
  • Enertechups-Solar
  • Foxess
  • JaSolar
  • Longi Solar
  • Trina Solar
  • Credence Solar
  • Navitas Solar
  • Emmvee-Solar
  • Jackson-Solar

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    Case Studies

    Redington helps combat the fuel challenge with deployment of solar PV panels in India

    • Region India
    • IndustrySolar
    • Challenges
      • Fuel shortage across globe expected to hamper economies
      • Combat depletion of non-renewable resources
      • 950000 kgs of coal saved per day
    • Outcome
      • Clean power for next 25 Years.
      • Reduction in Green House Gases
      • 657000 Litres of Diesel saved per day


    Mohan Kumar

    Director (Purchase & Operations)

    Always a pleasure to work with Redington Solar's Team. We like their commitment and transparency in business. We can bank on them in difficult situations

    Sanjay Dhawan


    We had a great experience with Redington Solar. The accessibility of the local team member, team’s knowledge of the products combined with prompt response brings value to the table. It is worth experiencing. We recommend Redington Solar

    Somit Kishore

    Director (Sales & Marketing)

    We are an exclusive partner the central UP region and have had a great experience in the last one year of my relationship with the company. Their zero cancellation policy is very helpful in keeping our commitment with the end customer.


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