Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the next step in the evolution of manufacturing. It is based on the idea that machines should be able to communicate with each other and work together to create new products and services.

Redington’s Smart Factory initiative is a collaboration with PTC, under the guided framework of government entities and advanced technology advisors, with the objective to implement and revolutionise industrial processes and systems and boost productivity.

Our vision is to transform manufacturing operations by leveraging Quarks and multi-layer technology that enables straightforward provisioning, management and automation of an ecosytem of connected devices.


Increase Operational Efficiency
Increase Operational Efficiency
Optimise Production Capacity
Optimise Production Capacity
Improve Manufacturing Safety
Improve Manufacturing Safety

Up To


increase in operator productivity

Up To


increase in OEE

Up To



Up To



Up To


reduction in scraps & rework costs

Services Offered

Smart Energy Monitor

Energy monitoring solution for manufacturing, retail, healthcare and more
It enables the collection, visualisation and analysis of the energy consumption of assets and sets up alerts for faults and unusual consumption patterns.

• Real-time Visualisation
• Accuracy
• Cost-effective
• Reporting and Graphs
• Notifications
• Data Analytics
• Single-line Diagram

Smart Energy Monitor
Smart Assess Monitor

Asset monitoring and utilisation solution powered by PTC
It enables manufacturers to connect existing assets, remotely monitor them in real-time, generate alerts based on abnormal conditions and deliver critical insights with data trending and analysis tools.

• Connect to and Catalogue Assets
• Establish Parameters to Track Performance
• Identify Anomalous Data Trends
• Perform Root Cause Analysis
• Access Performance Information
• Create Configurable Asset Cards

Smart Assess Monitor
Smart Performance Monitor

Real-time production and performance monitoring powered by PTC
It enables operators and business leaders to make faster, more data-driven decisions and ensure optimal performace during the manufacturing process.

• Optimise Performance of Existing Assets
• Increase Throughput
• Increase Yield
• Decrease Waste
• Decrease Unplanned Downtime
• Balance Labour Costs with Production Needs

Smart Performance Monitor
AR-based Procedural Guidance

Digitisation and optimisation of critical workflows
It enables frontline workers to train and be more efficient and effective at complex tasks with AR-enhanced procedures and instructions.

• Optimise Production Tasks
• Increase Manufacturing Throughput
• Augment Employee Productivity
• Improve Safety
• Reduce Operational Expenditure

AR-based Procedural Guidance

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