Every unique business has a unique strategy. Therefore, there is no one-size-fits-all solution that can cater to the myriad requirements across diverse industries. Whether a business requires expert guidance, marketing services or training for an in-house team, Redington delivers a comprehensive suite of specialised channel services that can be leveraged for growth.

Consulting As A Service

Businesses of all sizes and across various industries have realized that expert guidance from consultants is valuable for their growth. However, the approach to hiring and collaborating with consultants has changed significantly. Nowadays, many companies prefer a Consultancy as a Service (CaaS) model, which is becoming the standard approach to business consultancy. Most businesses need help with the necessary skills in-house for growth and development. CaaS offers a practical option for leveraging first-class expertise with minimal risk, cost, and time.

CaaS service providers usually specialize in certain areas, such as software development, financial management, human resources, clinical healthcare delivery, marketing, sales, and supply chain management. Companies can work with CaaS providers on a one-time project basis,on a recurring monthly basis, or initially as a one-off arrangement but transition to an ongoing engagement once a business case has been established.


Marketing As A Service

Marketing is a crucial aspect of any business, especially in today fast-paced environment, where staying ahead of the latest trends and demands is crucial.

However, you may need more than just your in-house marketing team to achieve your marketing goals.

Redington Marketing-as-a-service is a flexible, custom-made solution that helps your marketing functions by providing on-demand, value-based marketing services, from developing a strategy to putting it into action.

As part of our diverse portfolio, we engage in creative activities, host bespoke events such as the Pitch Room and The Vertical and provide specialty services such as CloudQuarks, IoTQuarks and so on.


Training as a Service

The IT industry is constantly evolving, and staying up to date with the latest technologies is crucial for IT channel partners. TaaS can provide regular training updates on emerging technologies, industry trends, and product advancements. Training as a Service offers IT channel partners a convenient and cost-effective way to enhance their knowledge, skills, and performance. It enables them to stay competitive, deliver value to customers, and build strong relationships with vendors. TaaS equips channel partners with the necessary skills to address customer queries, troubleshoot issues, and provide effective solutions. It enables channel partners to access comprehensive training programs and resources, helping them gain in-depth knowledge about the products and services they offer.
Cyber Security

Security in the age of digitisation is indispensable for the safety of critical business information and processes.

Train to protect:
-Endpoint Security Fundamentals
– Webserver Protection Fundamentals
– Network Security Basic
– Secure Service Edge Architecture
– Complete Email Security
– 360⁰ Data Protection
– Identity Management
– Cloud Fundamentals & Security
– SOC Analyst & Threat Hunting
– Advance Troubleshooting & Packet Analysis (Palo Alto, Fortinet & Checkpoint)

Cyber Security
Enterprise storage and Servers

Business-sensitive data and applications require a secure platform for storage and functioning.

Train to organise:
– Storage Foundation
– Virtualisation Basics
– HCI Fundamentals
– Data Protection
– Business Continuity Planning
– Private / Hybrid Cloud
– Digital Transformation
– Datacenter Modernization
– As-a-service Technology Consumption
– Cyber Recovery

Enterprise storage and Servers

Managing networks is an integral part of structuring data and tasks to ease and evolve the business process.

Train to scale:
– Hybrid workspace
– Fundamentals of SDWAN & Positioning
– Securing remote workers using secure network cloud solutions
– ?Wifi 6 Basics & use cases
– DNA spaces


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