Differentiated experience with Windows Virtual Desktop

A no compromise comprehensive desktop and app virtualization service in the cloud, that ensures business continuity, with built-in security and compliance features. With Windows Virtual Desktop, Microsoft hosts the VMs and infrastructure roles in Azure to streamline and improve the experience compared to on-premises deployments.

In the clouds agility with Azure

Engage your users with rich experiences and get more agility in the market with application migration to Azure. Focus on unleashing creativity and innovation in building apps, and let the fully managed services of Azure do the heavy lifting for you.

Azure cloud success with Redington

Unbox enterprise-ready innovation with SAP on Azure

Organizations with mission-critical apps on SAP B1 can easily ramp up legacy SAP on Azure for deployment and running SAP solutions faster, having central management of infrastructure, easy DR, backup and secure storage, scaling cost effectively with PAYG model and evolving the B1 landscape for eventual growth.

Backup in the box for a rainy day

Constant vigilance and a contingency plan are the only tools that can help in the case of data corruption/loss. Meet compliance requirements and avoid expensive business interruptions by protecting your data and applications with extended on-premises backup storage and data archiving solutions on Azure. A sure shot formula to reduce cost and complexity, while delivering durability, efficiency and scalability.

Subtracted effort = Exponentially rapid proposals

Redington exclusive Rapid Proposals Team work diligently to manage small customer proposals so that you don't have to. Deliver proposals for <=500$ with minimal effort leakage and maximize productivity.

DB Migration Bundle

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