Executive Summary

The Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (IIMK) deployed Amazon Web Services (AWS) to overcome networking and security barriers for thousands of users, enhancing their experience and being a step ahead to prepare future leaders. The institute was unable to meet the distributed workloads and connectivity requirements while security and accessibility issues also prevailed. IIMK collaborated with Netcon Technologies, an AWS partner, to migrate to AWS. Netcon proposed Amazon CloudFront, Multi-A-Z hosting & cross-replication of database along with other AWS services. As a result, the institute attained higher throughput by auto-patching, better security, higher cost-optimization during off-peak hours, and a seamless network for the 2000+ concurrent users.

Seeking A Balanced Solution for Workload Requirements

Today's academic sector includes digitally-native students desiring a more intuitive experience and faculty expecting a research-oriented digital workplace that allows global networking.

Acknowledging the demands, the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode wanted a balanced solution to meet the connectivity and workload requirements. The on-premise infrastructure was unable to cater to 2000+ concurrent users. As the end users spread across geographical areas, data and network security were one of the primary concerns.

Also, the customer was looking for a solution that would scale up and continue upgrading in the future with zero to no downtime.

Exploring Cost-effective & Customized Solutions

With the responsibility of preparing the leaders for tomorrow on its campus, the institute deeply understands and acknowledges the need for a seamless, highly secured, and accessible network with a multi-dimension capability of fulfilling the requirements of several hundred users spreading across the campus and globally.

IIMK was quick to understand the challenging and dynamic demands and opted for AWS to fill in the gaps and enhance the overall experience. With more than 15 edge locations ready to serve the end-users and lend excellent user experience, AWS proved to be a cost-effective and customized solution package for IIMK.

One of the best advantages of choosing AWS was that similar use cases existed in the education sector, building a natural trust and creating an environment of mutual understanding and cooperation. In addition, great response to queries, quick TAT, and support with apt solutions from the team of certified and highly skilled AWS engineers created a long-lasting impression.

“Everything is working smoothly and appreciate Netcon's openness and detailed knowledge sharing sessions to help us understand the setup and give us a holistic view on the new cloud infrastructure.”

Ashok Pathak, Chief Systems Manager, IIMK

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