Executive Summary

The Mahatma Phule Backward Class Development Corporation Ltd. (MPBCDCL) works for the betterment of the socially and economically backward classes. The department’s operational infrastructure was not optimized to meet the changing demands and experienced delayed responses from the existing cloud service provider. In addition, the cost involved was twice, which burdened the department unnecessarily. CloudStrats, in partnership with Redington Limited, migrated the department’s operations to meet their dynamic and flexible requirements at lower costs. The deployment AWS solutions resulted in better security and higher flexibility and allowed the corporation to manage multiple servers as per requirement.

Traditional Cloud Set-Up Was Hindering the Operations

MPBCDCL was already using cloud services from a traditional cloud service provider. Cost management and containment, lack of resources/expertise, governance/control, compliance, managing multiple clouds, and performance were critical challenges in the traditional setup.

In addition, as the department has multiple public-facing websites to provide services to the citizens, it was vital to choose a seamless and cost-efficient option to host the websites.

Migrating to AWS with Partner for Transparency,Scalability and Reliability

As stated earlier, the cloud services from the local player lacked transparency on billing, consumption, and reliability, which were the major concerns for the customer. MPBCDCL wanted a cloud infrastructure that meets the mentioned challenges and remains budget-friendly. This conceived the migration requirement for the customer.

Being a AWS Partner, Cloudstrats demonstrated the convenience of AWS and the ease of operations laden with transparency (on the billing & consumption), ease of scalability of resources, and the reliability of the complete cloud infrastructure at a cost that was lesser by 30% than the former service provider. Further, Cloudstrats' partnership with Redington Limited created a strong foundation of trust and expertise in the cloud domain for MPBCDCL, thereby boarding them to the AWS deployment.

MPBCDCL realized that the department could benefit from AWS due to its better recovery and security features. Moreover, AWS saved a lot on equipment by using remote resources and servers, and by offering Pay-as-you-go pricing, it resolved the budget concerns of the customer.

“We installed trust and confidence in the customer by providing them scalability, transparency, and reliability topped with cost saving which was missing from the earlier service provider."

Parimal Deshpande Vice President, Cloudstrats

About the AWS Partner Cloudstrats

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