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Modern hybrid workspaces that enhance business outcomes and fuel high performance stem from a combination of cutting-edge technological infrastructure and a shift in organizational culture. Such an environment is intuitive to business needs and facilitates boundaryless collaboration sacross devices and locations by using right-fit tools and technologies.

Traditional workspaces with rigid attributes like one device, one platform, one network and one provider restrict collaboration and fail to meet the expectations of the new-age workforce. The workspaces of the future will therefore need to be hyper-resilient, agile, workload-centric, and agnostic to device, platform, network, and provider. It would collate the strengths of social, mobile, cloud, and analytics to meet immediate and long-term needs of the business and end users to transform experience.

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Enterprises will need a clear roadmap of the way forward to transition from monolithic work environments to an agile, nimble, and seamless ecosystem. IT services should open the doors business growth by empowering enterprise productivity, driving user adoption, and leveraging proven consumer technologies.

Modern workspace ecosystems should ease access and contain the right blend of tools, policies, technologies, workload delivery models, platforma, and more to fulfill the next-gen workforce demands

Key characteristics of the dynamic digital environment

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4 tenets of our new-age workspace strategy

Focus on a user - centric approach rather than being device-centric
Facilitate workspace provisioning using fusion delivery model
Implement zero-trust Data security that follows data and not devices
Evolve an inclusive device support policy comprising BYODs

Create exceptional workspace experience
and drive productivity

Workplace Collaborative Service

Today's workers are accustomed to working from anywhere and expect access to tools and information without boundaries. Redington works with you to deliver a cloud-based suite of productivity solutions including email, instant messaging, voice, social, file sharing and video that enables workers to exchange information, stay connected, and become more productive regardless of their location

Desktop Virtualization Services

Time is crucial in ensuring business continuity and powering innovation in the digital workplace. Our Desktop Virtualization Services can help prevent business disruption as you evolve to a hybrid workplace model. We deliver modern workspaces through a fast, automated rollout that provides significant agility, scalability, and ready access to all employees across your hybrid workplace.

It Support Services

The need for workplace services support varies from business to business, and it's imperative to have workplace support services that can integrate cognitive capabilities and automation into your IT support strategy based on your unique needs. Our future-ready support services are tailored to fit your needs, delivering a high-grade customer experience through a variety of channels designed to drive productivity and increase end-user satisfaction.

Modern Device Management Services

Offering an exceptional employee experience relies on the efficiency, connectedness, and performance of every application, server, platform, device, service, and even physical surroundings of your hybrid workplace ecosystem. Device Management is a highly configurable approach to this complex multi-vendor and multi-tool environments. It aims to deliver an enhanced employee experience by providing a single, end- to-end management service for virtually all end user devices, operating systems, and ownership models.

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Since the implementation of Microsoft 365, our organization has experienced a significant boost in efficiency and productivity. The expertise and guidance provided by the Redington team and Lotus Solutions have been instrumental in ensuring a smooth transition and seamless enablement on this new platform. Your dedication, professionalism, and attention to detail have truly made a difference in our organization's operations.

We are grateful for the exceptional service and support we have received from your team throughout this journey. Your commitment to customer satisfaction and your willingness to go the extra mile have set a new standard of excellence in our partnership.

Ebin Jose, Senior Network Engineer


Find out how Redington migrated X remote users across multiple devices from
on-prem to cloud with the Microsoft Exchange server.


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