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Assessment program

Redington's Rapid Assessment is more than just a program; it's a transformative journey meticulously crafted to navigate organizations through the complexities of digital evolution.

Key objectives of Rapid Assessment Program!
Identify the steps to move to cloud
Evaluating your current IT Infra
Optimizing & Enhancing Digital Transformation

Unlock new opportunities and accelerate growth with Redington's exclusive indirect provider Azure programs for Q4

SAP on Azure
Tally on Azure
SQL on Azure

MWS – FastTrack

Modernize Workplace with Microsoft 365

Redington's new "All-in-One Office 365" Modern Workforce offering designed to provide customers with a single solution for all of their end-user Cloud productivity & collaboration needs.

The FastTrack service is designed to help you (business stakeholders and IT teams) understand the FastTrack benefit and answer key questions.

  • What purchases are eligible?
  • How to get help?
  • What can I expect of Fast Track?
  • What obligations do I have?
  • How does the engagement work?
  • What about data migration?

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