Executive Summary

Madurai Municipal Corporation (MMC) is the civic body that administers the city of Madurai in Tamil Nadu, India. The department operations are information-sensitive and has to address public issues timely and cost-effectively through various sub-departments which used to work in silos. Any operational hindrances due to on-premise and distributed resources impacted the department functionalities. Ilios Digital with Redington Limited customized Amazon Web Services (AWS) solutions to overcome the challenges and meet the specific needs related to service delivery. A unified and resilient solution designed for the customer reduced and simplified the customer's workloads significantly and saved up to 20% on the cost of server maintenance.

On-premise and Distributed Resources Hindered the Operations

The MMC has several digital governance initiatives in Health, Civic Functions, and e-Governance operating in silos. As a result, poor scalability and unpredictable downtime did not allow the corporation to operate smoothly. The lack of remote maintenance support for on-premise resources also posed a significant challenge. Further, the corporation desired more computing power and feasibility for data and documents with interoperability.

Not addressing the challenges would have led to the continued under-utilization of human and revenue resources. Also, unpredictable downtime resulted in delayed resolutions, lack of coordination, and increased maintenance charges.

In addition, as a march towards next-generation Governance, Madurai Municipal Corporation is envisaging Integrated Command and Control Center (ICCC), which requires a technologically advanced and flexible infrastructure.

Trusting AWS To Optimize Disaster Recovery Process and Data Manageability

MMC required cost-effective multiple cloud features for data manageability, security, and enhanced operability. AWS fulfilled these requirements by deploying scalable databases to increase operability and data manageability.

Working in broader IT infrastructure needs, AWS protected the workloads from data loss and security breaches by detecting and preventing them early. At the same time, AWS catered to MMC's requirements for disaster recovery by increasing resilience, reducing downtime, and optimizing disaster recovery and backup processes with real-time reports and unified management tools. Interoperability and portability also proved crucial with IoT integration and ML engineering.

In other words, AWS allowed the Madurai Municipal Corporation to tackle the challenges seamlessly and cost-effectively and became a preferred choice for cloud migration.

"We were able to provide the most cost-efficient, compliant, highly scalable, feasible solution without any disruption in their daily operations and in record time achieving the Madurai Municipal Corporation expectations."

Gokul Anantharaman, Chief Operating Officer, Ilios Digital

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