Redington helps India’s leading online photography company scale up business by providing an all-round ecosystem for Printing

  • RegionIndia
  • Industry
    • Printing
  • Challenges
    • With fast changing trends and technology in the photography and wedding industry, it became challenging to deliver the expected print output for photographers. CMYK could no longer cope up with change and photographers wanted something that could retain the originality of the pictures.
  • Solutions

    • HP Indigo 7900 Digital press was not just a printing machine, but an all-round digital ecosystem, that provided the leading photography company with high quality prints, digital assistance, machinery, training and education to the operators.
  • Outcome
    • HP Indigo could deliver rich, vibrant and lifelike prints, unlike any other printer that the client had used in the past. The client could scale up its business, commit to the timelines during heavy wedding season when printing load is at its peak, empower photographers with a trustworthy printing partner.


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