Enhanced Performance and 24/7 Managed Service Support for a Healthcare Service Provider

  • Industry Healthcare Sector
  • Customer NAMEMedrona – service provider for healthcare industry
  • About CompanyMedrona offers service solutions for medical billing companies, physicians and group practices, laboratories, hospital-owned and contracted ambulatory service provider networks and outpatient services.
  • WorkloadAWS DMS, Three-tier architecture, Active directory
  • CloudAWS
  • Project ScopeImplementation of AWS infrastructure & Managed Service 24/7
  • OfferingMulti-Tier Architecture, Database migration and 24/7 managed service support
  • Tools UsedAWS Management console, AWS CLI, Site24x7, Freshdesk
  • Business Challenges
    • They had Single Tier Architecture with App and DB running on the same server.
    • Web Tier and Domain controller running on the same Windows server.
    • Heavy Impact to Application Performance and their monitoring revealed throughput issues.
    • Had challenges to improve efficiency and lower costs.
    • Monitoring and maintaining cloud infrastructure is difficult.
  • Our Approach
    • By implementing three-tier architecture helped the customer to overcome performance and throughput issues.
  • Proposed Solution
    • The customer had been running Microsoft workloads from a single server. The solution proposed that these be hosted on multiple EC2 instances thus eliminating the persisting performance issues.
    • Fresh application installation and SQL Database migration approach was followed using R-Lane migration methodology.
    • All user traffic is routed via a site-to-site tunnel and NAT Gateway is used for accessing the application and Database, respectively.
    • For the migration scope of the project, EC2 with Windows Server and SQL Server were launched and configured as required prior to initiating the migration.
    • Setup VPN Tunnels between source and AWS and customer office and AWS.
    • Promoted Windows EC2 server to Domain controller to have an AD with minimal cost and to serve as an ADC in cloud.
    • Proposed managed service support for 24/7.
  • Outcome(s)/results & Metrics for success
    Increase Availability ,Performance Efficiency, Operational excellence through automation, Up to date Patches, Security Optimizations, Cost Optimization.
  • AWS Services Used
    AWS Database Migration Service, Active Directory, CloudWatch and CloudTrail, VPN,Amazon EC2, Amazon EBS, and S3.
  • Architecture
  • Managed service Benefits
    • Resource Optimization, Cost Monitoring
    • Backups and data integrity will be checked periodically
    • Security Best Practices, Compliance Monitoring
    • Proactive Communication about incidents
    • Governance Policies, Automation
    • Helpdesk support for 24/7
    • Offering 3 ways to create a ticket
    • Tollfree now supports 6 regional languages
    • Server patching will be done periodically
    • Monthly report will be sent to every month and call will be scheduled for further improvements and feedback
    • DR Drill will be performed once in a year


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