Optimizing Client Success: Implementing IAAS on AWS Cloud with Well-Architected Framework

  • Industry Healthcare Sector
  • About Company
    Medrona offers service solutions for medical billing companies, physicians, laboratories, hospital-owned and contracted ambulatory service provider networks and outpatient services.
  • Business Challenges
    • The customer hosted web Application, DB on windows server (MS SQL std) and Active directory with file server on cloud.
    • They had Single Tier Architecture with App and DB running on the same server.
    • Web Tier and Domain controller running on the same Windows server.
    • Heavy Impact to Application Performance and their monitoring revealed throughput issues.
  • AWS Services Used
    • AWS Data Migration Service
    • Active Directory
    • CloudWatch
    • CloudTrail
    • VPN
    • Amazon EC2
    • EBS
    • S3
  • Solution Highlights
    • The customer had been running Microsoft workloads from a single server. The solution proposed that these be hosted on multiple EC2 instances thus eliminating the persisting performance issues.
    • Fresh application installation and SQL Database migration approach was followed using R-Lane migration methodology.
    • All user traffic is routed via a site-to-site tunnel and NAT Gateway is used for accessing the application and Database, respectively.
    • For the migration scope of the project, EC2 with Windows Server and SQL Server were launched and configured as required prior to initiating
      the migration.
    • Setup VPN Tunnels between source and AWS and customer office and AWS.
    • Promoted Windows EC2 server to Domain controller to have an AD with minimal cost and to serve as an ADC in cloud.
    • Configure database migration using AWS Database Migration Service
    • Setup of Amazon EC2 with Windows Server and SQL Server roles and follow up actions including:
      • Hardening the OS
      • Application of patches.
  • Business Benefits
    • Three-tier architecture helped with performance and throughput issues.
    • Ease of deployment and integration.
    • Utilizing the flexible options for Licensing of Windows and SQL server available in AWS,
    • Savings on the Licensing cost and the Total Cost of Ownership.


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