Sophos Intercept X Advanced XDR

  • Region India
  • IndustryRegulatory Technology, Human Resource
  • Challenges
    • High-level security solution required for the endpoint and server deployed over public cloud
    • Robust cloud security solution required to protect from data breaches and business disruptions
    • Better visibility required across the organization’s threat landscape
  • Outcomes
    • CIXA XDR and CIXA Server with XDR implemented in under 15 days
    • CIXA enables the centralized management of multiple security controls
    • XDR enables the detection, analysis and response to targeted attacks with cross-product visibility, insight and control
  • Benefits
    • Holistic view of organization’s environment with data analysis for threat detection, investigation and response
    • Advanced DLP/web control to protect end users
    • Users and endpoints protected from malware and advanced attacks


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