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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud-based computing platform offered by Amazon.com. It provides a wide range of services that allow individuals, organizations, and businesses to build and manage their applications and infrastructure in the cloud.

Key Solutions


Companies of all sizes are running their business apps in the cloud to simplify infrastructure management, deploy more quickly, lower cost, and increase revenue. Run your existing software on AWS, while building the future of your business on AWS as well.


SAP and AWS have collaborated since 2011 to certify AWS for production deployments of SAP applications, platforms, and databases. Accelerate time-to-value, improve operational and cost efficiencies, and operate more securely than on-premises.


AWS offers a fully managed backup service that makes it easy to centralize and automate the back up of data across AWS services in the cloud as well as on premises.


The AWS Global Cloud Infrastructure is the most secure, extensive, and reliable Cloud Computing environment anywhere, for your datacenters. AWS helps you realize increased performance, security, reliability, and scale wherever you go.


Business continuity depends on the efficient, uninterrupted flow of data across an organization. AWS enables faster disaster recovery of critical IT systems without incurring the infrastructure expense of a second physical site data.


AWS has more compute, networking, storage, security and identity, data integration, management, monitoring, and operations services than any other cloud provider to help companies build hybrid cloud architectures for their specific use cases and requirements

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