• RegionIndia, Asia Pacific
  • Industry
    • Manufacturing
  • Overview
    • Customer is an application development company who offer their services to leading enterprise across financial services, life sciences, including pharmaceutical, manufacturing & logistics and educational services.
  • Challenges
    • Service business is growing, and they are sending and receiving lots of email to and from external domain. They want to protect their email infrastructure as they are getting SPAM and FRAUD emails increasing day by day.
    • They are having hybrid infrastructure (On-prim & Cloud) and they want all the email should first come to on promises and then reach to cloud email infrastructure which ensure protection of both the email infrastructure (Cloud and On-prim).
    • They want details logs of each inbound and outbound emails and they also want to filter out email based on the geolocation.
  • Solution

    • This customer has trusted Barracuda to secure their email infrastructure. Barracuda given them Email Security Gateway along with cloud ATP solution to protect such hybrid infrastructure.
    • First layer of defense is ATP which has given the function to eliminate the zero day, unknown & ransomware attack at ATP layer.
    • At the Box layer (ESG) they are having another set of protection like SPAM, FRAUD email protection and Geo location-based filtering.


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