Deploying Unified Storage for Data Centre

  • Region India
  • IndustryEntertainment
  • Challenges
    • Separate new setup required to handle Database Diva for backup software
    • Provision for rack servers with storage and VMware
    • Requirement for unified storage solution and data reduction
  • Outcomes
    • Implementation completed successfully
    • Good throughput with 4:1 data reduction
    • Complete product training and analysis provided to customer
    • Customer able to run the DB on the PowerStore appliance
    • Migration done successfully with proper assessment
  • Benefits
    • Server racks successfully stacked and deployed
    • Unified storage solution implemented
    • Unified Protocols: • File • Block • VVols
    • Migration assessment for customer from Older MD series storage to new PowerStore appliance
    • Deployment done by Redington


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