Boosting education with tech-based Foundational Literacy Numeracy (FLN) tabs

Redington along with Learning Link Foundation has worked to enable better learning among school students. Students, especially those who were impacted by Covid-19 and needed extra help & assistance in basic subjects used technology-based FLN tabs. These tabs equipped with applications like read along for Tamil and Tux Maths app helped many underprivileged students overcome challenges and learn conveniently.

Prior to the implementation of the FLN Tab project, many students struggled with identifying basic numbers from 1-10, reading Tamil letters and doing basic addition. Students who faced a roadblock in their education due to Covid-19 were suffering from a lack of confidence in their classes.

After the FLN Tab project was introduced, students are showing progress and improvement in both of these subjects. Withing a few months of the project, students gained confidence and started to show increasing interest in studying these subjects.


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