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Embracing Organisation-wide Corporate Governance

“Decisions are the hardest moves to make especially when it is a choice between what you want and what is right.”

The ethical way of doing business, giving preference to stakeholders’ interest, creating trust and transparency and respecting the law of the land are the fundamentals for building a sustainable business. And that is what Redington stands for and practices.

Redington’s upstanding business ethos lays a strong foundation for growth and success. Transparency, accountability and integrity are a way of life for every employee at the organisation. At Redington, we endeavour to focus our resources and strengths on maximising the value and upholding the trust of all our stakeholders, which includes vendors, partners and employees. We always aspire to implement the best corporate governance practices and move up the ladder to reach higher echelons of governance.

Rules are made for the benefit of the people, but the rule makers cannot envisage all possible situations that might surface. It is the role of the functionaries to analyse changing situations and apply rules dynamically. Redington has developed the most flexible and adaptive environment, leading to precise, agile and intact compliance of the statutory legislations.

Board of Directors

Composition of Committees

Credit Rating

Name of the agency Type of instrument Amount (Rs. Crore) Rating Outlook Date
CRISIL Bank Facilities Rs.3000 Crore (Enhanced from Rs.1750 Crore) CRISIL AA+/Stable (Reaffirmed) Stable 04/09/2023
Short-term and Commercial Paper Rs.1900 Crore CRISIL A1+ (Reaffirmed) ---- 04/09/2023
ICRA Limited Bank Facilities Rs.3000 Crore (Enhanced from Rs.1750 Crore) [ICRA] AA+ (Stable) (Reaffirmed) Stable 01/09/2023
Short-term and Commercial Paper Rs.1900 Crore [ICRA]A1+(Reaffirmed) ---- 01/09/2023

Quarterly Reports

Quarterly Reports- 2023-24- June 2023
Quarterly Reports- 2023-24- Sep 2023

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