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The modern technological landscape requires a vast exchange of information that is intensifying in complexity. An increasingly heavy database thus requires infrastructure designed for secure and scalable storage.

Redington’s new-age software, processes and architecture enable businesses to customise their data storage strategy, optimise workflow, increase flexibility and enhance operational efficiency.

Solution Offerings

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

It is a software-defined system where the conventional hardware elements of a data centre are translated into virtual elements. This platform has four highly integrated software components namely storage virtualization, compute virtualization, networking virtualization and advanced management, including automation.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure
Enterprise Storage

This is a centralised repository for business information that provides functions to manage, protect and share data across multiple computer systems. Direct Attached Storage, Network Attached Storage and Storage Area Network are the three types of enterprise storage available.

Enterprise Storage

All-flash array is a storage infrastructure that functions solely on flash memory drives as opposed to spinning disk drives and offers faster, more reliable performance.

Storage Virtualisation

Storage virtualisation or cloud storage is the process of presenting all storage media in an enterprise as a single storage device by abstracting storage management software from its hardware infrastructure. This process improves storage management in a heterogeneous IT environment, enhances availability and estimation of downtime with automated management and improves storage utilisation.

Storage Virtualisation
Fault Tolerant Solutions

Such solutions allow a system to continue operations regardless of any component failures by using backup components that automatically activate to prevent loss of service.

Fault Tolerant Solutions
Software-defined Storage

 Software-defined storage allows users to separate storage software resources from their hardware counterparts to enable greater scalability, flexibility, efficiency and automation. A range of software-defined storage types in the market today include:

  • • Hypervisor-based
  • • Container-based
  • • Scale-out storage for unstructured data
  • • Distributed file systems for object storage offload
  • • HCI Software
Software-defined Storage
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Brands We Work With

  • Seagate-Infrastructure Solutions
  • Western Digital

Case Studies

Advancing Business Operations with Microsoft Azure

  • Region MEA
  • IndustryE-commerce
  • Objective To enable hassle-free upgrades to existing ERP and IaaS platform
  • Challenges
    • Easy and quick upgrades
    • Cost-efficient operations

Hybrid Cloud DR Set Up- Microfinance Co

  • Region India
  • Industry Microfinance
  • Challenges
    • Require disaster recovery solution for the AWS deployment
    • Host application in India to meet regulatory requirements
  • Outcome
    • A hybrid cloud deployment with both AWS and Azure as a primary and DR setup with automatic failover and fallback created to ensure HA
    • Business continuity for their critical application
    • Overall cost reduction of almost 30%.

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