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With the increasing popularity of gaming, it has become essential for gamers to have access to high-quality gaming devices and accessories that enhance their experience. Redington offers a wide range of gaming products, including gaming PCs, gaming accessories, gaming support accessories, mobile gaming accessories, gaming furniture, and gaming components, from top brands in the industry. Redington’s goal is to provide gamers with the tools they need to optimize their gaming experience and elevate their gameplay.

Brands We Work With

  • Acer-Gaming
  • Asus-Gaming
  • Dell-Gaming
  • HTC Vive-Gaming
  • HP
  • Lenovo
  • MSI-Gaming
  • Razer-Gaming

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    Case Studies

    Server deployment at multiple locations

    • Region India
    • ProductsServers 
    • Outcome
      • Prompt implementation of servers across locations
      • Proprietary software installation
      • System, RAID and Application configuration
    • Benefits
      • Timely delivery of the project
      • Respective servers with hardware cards/UNIX installation
      • Servers deployed by Redington team

    Redington helped Agva to meet demands of ventilators

    • Region India
    • Industry Healthcare
    • Challenges
      • Steep timeline and investment for tool development
    • Outcome
      • Prompt & regular supply of component enabled timely production of ventilators
      • Saved lives during covid lockdown

    Redington offers on-demand production services for start-ups to commercialize its innovations & designs.

    • Region India
    • Industry Prosthetics
    • Challenges
      • Huge investments required in conventional manufacturing process
      • Conventional 3D printers unable to fulfil the quality and certification requirements
    • Outcome
      • On-demand digital manufacturing services helped to personalise products as per their client’s requirement
      • Offered products at a reduced price

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