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The key to our success is our expanding network of channel partners who help us create value, accelerate business transformation and increase efficiency. We work with our partners to boost their growth, expand markets and geographic reach, and enhance product and service offerings. We address our clients’ needs and challenges through the vast spectrum of our collective portfolios and robust solutions and services.

Transforming <br> Opportunities Together Transforming <br> Opportunities Together

Why Partner with Us?

Our Global Presence

Redington has a global footprint in over 38 markets, unrivalled capabilities and a comprehensive market understanding to better serve brands and channel partners.

Versatile Product Portfolio

Redington’s industry-leading product portfolio along with an exceptional suite of solutions, services and speciality offerings enable seamless digital transformation.

Performance Led by Efficiency

Redington’s unparalleled domain knowledge, experience and global presence help partners achieve operational efficiency and profitability.

Leader in Technology Distribution

As a leader in the distribution market, Redington offers hyper-efficient, sophisticated and extensive business support in the logistics sector.

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