Redington brings to you a whole world of possibilities around XaaS- Everything As A Service in the Enterprise space, giving you a Cloud like experience in the On-Premises World !!

The IT Landscape in India has undergone a Paradigm shift with Customers today adopting the hyper scaler solutions to propel their “Digital Transformation Journey” .Cloud adoption gives them the complete flexibility , scalability & agility to be ahead of the curve in this highly competitive market with a faster turnaround time.

While Cloud adoption does serve the Customers requirement but in this journey they do compromise on Data Security , sovereignty , compliance & transparency in costs requirements which leaves them vulnerable on multiple aspects of their journey to a Digitally transformed Organization.

Redington today is well poised to offer a gamut of Enterprise Solutions on an
Opex mode with a Pay-As-You-Go model ,completely flexible, scalable & Agile giving a Cloud like experience On-premises to help the customers with a predictable journey on this transformation they are undergoing.

Infrastructure <br> As-A-Service
Storage <br>As-A-Service
Network <br>As-A-Service
Device <br> As-A-Service
Technology & Consulting <br>As-A-Service
Technology & Consulting

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Device as a Service (DaaS)


Redington’s Device as a Service (DaaS) is a complete solution that provides businesses with cutting-edge devices, software, and support, all for one low monthly fee. With DaaS, businesses can upgrade their devices regularly, without the hassle of fully purchasing new hardware, installing software, or dealing with maintenance issues. There are several benefits to the DaaS model:


Solution Offerings

Redington offers DaaS model for Microsoft Surface devices to enable business to scale seamlessly at low costs and effort. Our team of experts will work with enterprises to design a custom solution that meets their unique needs and budget.

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