Redington offers on-demand production services for start-ups to commercialize its innovations & designs.

  • Region India
  • Industry Prosthetics
  • Challenges
    • Huge investments is required for starts-ups to commercialize their innovations & designs using conventional manufacturing process

    • Product adoption & market potential will make new projects commercially unviable. Parts printed using conventional 3D Printers was not fulfilling the quality & certification requirements.
  • Solutions
    • Redington offered its production services during design, development, testing & certification of India’s first indigenously developed bionic hand & helped MakersHive to commercialize the product. Considering the production volume & Personalisation requirement, MakersHive opted for HP MJF technology for its manufacturing & chose Redington as its manufacturing partner.
  • Outcome
    • On-demand digital manufacturing services from Redington not only helped to bring out innovations to reality, but also helped to personalize their products as per the requirement of its patients
    • At low investment in tooling, MakersHive was able to launch & manufacture India’s first myoelectric bionic hand & offer products at almost 30% cost of imported bionic hands


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