Modernizing Business Operations with Sage Solutions

  • Region MEA
  • Industry Manufacturing
  • Overview
    • A leading manufacturing and distribution company was losing money every
      year because of legacy software and poor stock management capabilities.
      With a growing fleet, the client wanted to gain stock visibility and
      track field sales. Redington partner, Al Roman Technologies, documented
      a detailed proof of concept ahead of the implementation to identify the
      challenges. After the analysis, the team implemented Sage 200 Evolution
      within the agreed 45-day timeline. With the implementation, the client
      saw significant benefits in its sales management, reporting timelines
      and stock management.
    • Objective
      To modernize a legacy sales operation software
    • Challenges

      • Real-time stock visibility to modernize sales and distribution fleet
      • Track field sales within the team
      • Reduce average number of customer days
    • Outcomes

      • Technological needs met within the budget
      • Mobilized sales management
      • Efficient reporting and consolidation of invoices in a shorter lead


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