Utilizing AWS to Streamline Costs and Efficiencies for Hospitality Giant

  • Region MEA
  • IndustryHospitality
  • Overview
    • A leading hospitality conglomerate housing global hotel brands centralized all their services, but with worldwide operations they needed to de-risk any issues that might occur with existing infrastructure. With a DR centre outside the Middle East region, the client reached out to Redington partner, BIOS Middle East, to help deploy managed disaster recovery as a service on the AWS platform. BIOS Middle East utilized their own cloud platform and provided a complete end-to-end managed services offering.
  • ObjectiveTo deliver a DR outside the region and also provide a cost-efficient SLA to internal customers
  • Challenges
    • Resilient systems
    • Deliver DR outside the Middle East region
    • Reduce risks
  • Outcomes
    • Provided end-to-end managed services
    • Pay-on-demand option to reduce operating costs
    • Reduced staffing costs by 50%


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