Redington helps its customers to reduce cycle-time for short-series production & pre-production validation

  • Region India
  • IndustryAutomotive
  • Challenges
    • Prototyping using conventional 3D Printers were limited to aesthetics and very low iterations of fitment tests, while the requirement was for air-tight, water-tight, durable & leak-proof functional parts for pre-production testing of their new designs.
  • Solutions
    • Redington through its 3D Division offered production services using HP Multi Jet Technology that delivers strong durable parts in engineering-grade production material, which is ideal for End-use parts.
    • This enabled Mann Hummel to go with tool-less short-series production of leak-proof parts for their pre-production testing & design validation.
  • Outcome
    • 3D printed parts using HP MJF technology was fitted on vehicles and tested for kilometers of test-run for design validation & optimisation.
    • They were able to produce parts for functional testing within one week compared to 4-5 weeks.


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