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Compliance Policy

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Trade Compliance Policy Statement


It is the policy of Redington Distribution Pte Ltd (“RDPL”) to be compliant with all customs and international trade related regulations of Singapore and all other countries in which RDPL operates in. This policy applies to all RDPL’s employees and contractors who are engaged in importing or exporting products, technology, or technical information for or on behalf of RDPL. It is the responsibility of all employees and contractors to know the laws, regulations, policies, guidelines and procedural requirements applicable to import and export transactions.

Failure to comply with customs and international trade related legal requirements such as the Strategic Goods (Control) Act in Singapore, even if inadvertent, can result in serious liabilities and business impact, with the potential revocation of import/export privileges. Given that RDPL is a trading entity operating a distribution hub, loss of these privileges would be detrimental to revenue and its ability to service customers. Accordingly, RDPL will view the failure of an employee to comply with this policy statement as a serious violation of company policy and the employee may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

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